The Year of GNOME Accessibility

We are now half way through 2012, the year of Linux on the desktop. Or was that last year? What we do know for certain is that 2012 is the year of the Accessible GNOME desktop. The GNOME project, a major upstream project for us, has launched a campaign to raise funds to help achieve a set of goals including performance improvements when the desktop accessibility APIs are turned on, enhancements to the readability of WebKitGTK+ and improvements to automatic regression testing which ties in nicely with the renewed emphasis on QA and automated testing in the Ubuntu project.

As well as this great financial way to contribute to accessibility on the desktop if you would like to help in a practical way by fixing some bugs the “a11y” tag (“ccessibilit” is the 11 letters between a and y so a11y is the shortcut for accessibility) has recently been added to which is a website to help you to find and filter launchpad bugs to find interesting places to contribute to Ubuntu. You can now filter on accessibility bugs that are bitesize for example.


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